Working from your passion and your strenght

I teach experienced entrepreneurs, as well as beginning entrepreneurs to focus mainly on their strength and their passion. They quite often have a clear vision that they want to emit with their business or product. When I meet entrepreneurs that are really focused on the money, they I let them become conscious quickly of the fact that this is a very short term solution, and if they want to survive for the long term with their business they will not succeed. It is therefore extremely important to stay focused on your passion and what the strength is of your business.


Stay focused

The more you stay focused on your passion, the more you emit this to your customers and eventually your employees. Along the way you will find out what the strength is of you and your business. Along the way I see entrepreneurs lose this passion, and thereby in most cases see the business fail. Focus therefore not on the fast money or quick growth but on the long term and are you doing that where you’re passion lays and what you are good at. I like to call that conscious business building.

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