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I use this term, because I myself as an entrepreneur are really active with conscious business building and in my network connections know quite a few people who are working this way. It is really nothing more than thinking about why you want to be an entrepreneur and what kind of business would you like to build? Do you want to carry out your vision? Are you doing something you are very passionate about and want to build a business with this? Or are you trying to take much more responsibility for your own live, work and financial future and are building a business from that point of view. Building a business is not only about earning quick money or making more than your current boss, with that train of thought you will never make it.


Why are you building a business?

Unfortunately I still see a lot of entrepreneurs that do not build a business consciously and only look with what they can earn quick money. I personally think this is very short-sighted and they will not sustain this for the long term as an entrepreneur. Their customers will see through this eventually. Therefore think carefully why you are going to build a business? What is your goal, what is your passion, which message do you want to send out into the world with your product or service?
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