Through my diverse work experience in and outside the country, whereby the first ten years I worked as a manager and entrepreneur and set up several franchises, and thereby trained a lot of employees and management, I am specialized in the training of starting entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs that would like to reach more with their business or on a personal level. A lot of entrepreneurs start their business from something they are passionate about, but through the years due to all kinds of circumstances, they can lose sight of this. I therefore see quite a lot of entrepreneurs that get stuck and don’t know how to move on, and especially with all the new marketing skills they need to have to promote their business.


Keep developing yourself as entrepreneur.

To keep developing and challenging yourself as an entrepreneur is important for your business growth as well as your personal growth. I am therefore an advocate to keep learning on a business level as a personal level. The more you keep developing yourself as an entrepreneur through following the right trainings, the more you can see the results on a long term basis. The developments are going so fast right now, especially in a technical and online marketing area. It is therefore important to always keep up to date.

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