NLP and communicationNLP and communication

I am a big advocate of personal development and the way we communicate not only with other people but also with our selves. There can be several moments in our lives when we can get stuck on a business level or private, and there are also different ways to get out of this.

Working with a psychologist or a therapist is off course an option and sometimes necessary, but I am also an advocate of the right coaching, not because I coach people myself, but a good coach puts you to work and lets you become aware of your pitfalls but especially your strengths. I am an advocate of having people take more responsibility over their own lives and to show them how they can tackle the challenges in their lives themselves, by listening well to their inner voice. These things you can apply on a business level as well as a personal level.

Why NLP?

I have chosen for NLP in my coaching and training business, because of the simplicity and the practicality. The NLP techniques are practical and simple by nature and everybody can learn them. In the NLP we work a lot with hypnoses this is a big part of NLP the way I was taught. The combination of how we think (Neuro), and the language (Linguistic) is what we can change on every level of society, whether you are a shoe repair guy or a CEO of a big business it does not matter. The reprogramming which is what happens when applying NLP, can have very positive results. We learn to recognize language patterns by ourselves and other people and by applying other language patterns; we can reprogram our way of thinking and reach positive results.

Would you like more explanation about NLP, and its power then take a look on Wikipedia, you can also take a look at the website of the founder of NLP, Richard Bandler. Probably the most well know person in the personal development world that works with NLP, and has developed his own programs is Anthony Robbins.

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