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Leadership is not only something for a business or organization, quite often managers are confused with leaders. Don’t misunderstand me, managers can also show leadership skills, but I have not seen it very often. Leadership has a totally different meaning, it means taking responsibility, inspire your employees, motivating, taking the lead and many more other skills. I am talking here about personal leadership, because that is where it starts. Before you can show leadership skills to other people, you first have to be a leader over your own life, personal leadership as I like to call it.


Personal leadership

I am big advocate about personal leadership. I have gotten my wisdom through trial and error and started realizing that we as a people have given away too much of our own power and have put ourselves in a position of being dependant on society, organizations, employers, politics, pension funds you name it. In my network I see a lot of people that take full responsibility for their financial future, their health and their income. A lot of people are starting with a business of their own because of a loss of a job, or because there is no more security in it.

Unfortunately I also talk to a lot of people that still are afraid to take control of their own lives, and don’t take any action whatsoever with all the consequences. It is my opinion the more we start taking responsibility for our own future, the more we become leaders of our own lives and happiness.

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