Piet Hein BrederoWho am I.

I am Piet Hein Bredero, I have more than 50 years life experience and 35 years work experience. I have lived and worked in different countries and continents, like the USA, South Africa and the Netherlands.
My work experience goes from restaurant manager, setting up franchises to advisor in the financial sector and as my last job consultant in the IT. In these periods I have learned many wise lessons and will probably learn a few more in the future. The lessons that I have learned in the last 50 years, have given me many insights and have shown me how we can do things differently both privately and in business. I have discovered what exactly is important in live for me and thereby probably a lot of other individuals as well as entrepreneurs.


What we have to do..

I have discovered that we set our self up far to dependant from our surroundings, government and other organizations. I have come to the conclusion that we have to set ourselves up far more dependant from society and our circumstances and have to start taking more responsibility for our own lives by means of personal leadership. In the last 50 years I have met a lot of people and spoken to them privately as well as on an business lvel, who have let their surrounding circumstances lead their life or where afraid to make other choices. Quite often they were in a work place where they were not happy but were afraid to take full responsibility for their own life and make other choices. Choices whereby in all reality they would probably get much more satisfaction and probably go through live much happier.


My mission.

It is therefore my mission, to make individuals as well as entrepreneurs or start up entrepreneurs become more conscious of their strength, their true passion and their personal leadership qualities. I am a firm believer that we posses many more capabilities than that we are aware off. Capabilities by the way that can be an example for other people. If I can develop myself from an extremely shy and introvert person at age 21 to someone that s not afraid to speak to a large group, than I know for sure that there is a large group of people who can do the same or even more.

Through means of coaching and training, for individuals as well as entrepreneurs I try to guide people in the right direction. Be aware I just guide, I exactly let people discover for themselves what they are good at and what they really want. The answers they quite often already know, but sometimes they need someone to hold up a mirror to look into, or something to trigger them to wake up. Through means of learning how to focus on your passion and what your strength really is, you can make more conscious decisions on what you really want to reach in live and business.
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