Advice and coachingCoaching

How great it is that you want to work with me directly , and you have the courage to take this step in your personal development, or to see where your blockages or pitfalls lie, to start your own business or help breathe new life into your existing business. I work through Skype or Zoom or if possible in person

With me a first consultation is always free, whether this takes 15 minutes or an hour, I look forward to getting to know you to see if there is good connection from both sides to work together.


Individual Coaching sessions are € 95,00 per hour  exclusive  VAT.

(be aware this is per hour and not per session a session can sometimes take up to two hours)

Package prizes

Booking a package is a quite a bit more affordable, and to work with me for a good result a highly recommend it.

Package of minimal of 4 session you get 15% discount

Do you have more of an interest to my online programs, which I certainly can recommend, then register here and download my free video training.