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Did you ever think about that? Do you have any clue what it means, or do you think passion is something you just have in the bedroom with a partner or in a relationship? On the contrary passion has a lot to do with what you do and who you are. What keeps you busy in your profession or daily tasks? What occupies your free time, besides your job and do you do this with lots of passion? In my opinion people that work and live with passion, go through life much happier and healthier.

Happiness within

Do you know that only 70 % of the people are not really doing what they would want to do in life? Where do you think lies the problem? I think most people still focus on earning money and stability, but fortunately you see changes happening. It has to happen, because you see people getting fired left and right and therefore start realizing if they were actually doing something they could put their heart and soul into. More and more people are looking for being happy within en other things in these challenging times. A lot of people are becoming consciously aware that true happiness does not lie in the collecting of material things. Off course there is nothing wrong with money and materialism because this is also part of life and it can also make you feel happy. If you like me have been in a difficult financial situation, you can be very happy when you can pay your rent on time or buy something nice for your kids or yourself.

Digging deep for your passion

I get a lot of comments and questions from people that they do not know what their passion is, or how do I find out? Most times you know already know but is it buried deep inside and you will have to dig for a while to get it to the surface. Look at the things you like to do? Are you creative, always busy making something from very little. Do you like helping people? Are you a trainer/coach for your sport club? You are probably not even aware, of the things you do already do that you are very passionate about.

Tip: Start keeping a journal and start writing down ideas that pop up. Things like, oh I would love to that or it would be fun to do a course in that. And don’t hold back there are more things you could be passionate about.

So go (re)discover je passion and start living and working with passion.

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