A Dutchman born and raised, I have worked in both Europe and the United States. My life has been pretty eventful up to now, and I have gained scads of work and life experiences. These, I aim to share with you, to enable you to move forward in your life and with your own plans for a successful future!

During my young professional years in the hospitality business, I paid my dues and earned the right to coach and train people. Today, I’m here to help you learn how to set up a business properly. To help you unearth and strengthen your personal skill set and expand your ideas into a valuable business proposition.

How I got from there to here

Always with an eye on success, I started working almost fulltime when I was in high school in America. By the time I was 19, I was running my first business with around 250 customers. After I graduated from high school, I dove head first into the restaurant industry. I would go on to develop myself into a restaurant management position, responsibile for employees, scheduling, marketing and the occasional set up of new restaurant locations for the chain.

Restaurant management was where I cut my teeth in coaching and training employees and up-and-coming managers and franchisees. To this day, it’s my opinion that the hospitality industry provides an excellent learning platform for people to gain outstanding business skills; listening, carrying out instructions efficiently, tending to the needs of another, really caring about the outcome, and more. These are the skills you can apply to any business. Skills you can take right to the bank.

A slap in the face

Having experienced business success in my 20s in the American hospitality market, I decided to return to the Netherlands in my 30s. I had the urge to prove myself in the corporate world, but without a University degree, my goals took quite a bit longer to achieve.

You see, I skipped out on my chance to attend an American university. Sure, I earned a very good living and learned valuable, life-long skills while working as a restaurant manager. Still, I would later come to understand that even the most basic university degree holds value in regards to job facilitation and how prospective employers would see me.

Eventually, I obtained a university-level job. Again, as an entrepreneur but this time in the IT branch. For a people-oriented person, software testing, I discovered, was absolutely not the place for me. Trying to tough it out and stay in this profession, which clearly did not suit my skills or experiences, merely for the comfortable salary and company car would eventually lead me to bankruptcy and a massive burn out. My own personal pit of despair.

Climbing out of the wreckage

Now, I’m one of the fortunate ones, in that my wife and children kept me going and helped me climb out of the darkness. I began to do some soul searching, and to think about why I had made specific choices in my life; why I had led myself so blindly to this predicament. During this time, I was able to take in a few personal development training sessions and consider my options.

Dusting off and moving on

After two years of being unemployed and with no income whatsoever, it was time to get back to work. This is when I reconnected with the hospitality business. I needed this! I had finally become aware of the importance of carrying out work I enjoy, and that that enjoyment in work would lead me to the professional and personal success I so craved.

Funny; I fuffed around for 20 years, searching for my place in the corporate world, when I should have just stuck to what I was good at and developed that further. But I’m here now, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way are not only valuable to me, but to those I’m fortunate enough to help now.

Like to learn what I can do for you? Download my free video training. Experience the way I work and see whether it will suit your needs on a short- on long-term basis. I look forward to hearing from you!